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Accurate and Affordable Launch Monitors


What is a launch monitor?

Why do I need a launch monitor?

Launch monitors match sensations with facts,  allowing golfers to achieve their desired swing. This is done by delivering a variety of swing and ball flight data points.  This information allows golfers to truly know their game – from club averages to landing angles – and be better prepared to make decisions on the course. Ernest Sports uses the latest radar and photometric technology to instantly provide measurements that help you develop a powerful, consistent swing.  In addition, Ernest Sports launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to record and save stats, view club averages and much more.  Committed to providing an affordable solution to capturing accurate data, Ernest Sports launch monitors deliver instant feedback to increase the efficiency of your practice session to improve your game.


What is the Ernest Sports family of products?


Launch monitors are increasingly becoming a staple for both serious golfers and those that are simply looking to improve their game. Data on swing and ball flight allows players to know what aspect of their swing to improve, and it provides a means to track improvement and consistency.  Although a launch monitor can benefit any players’ game, each golfer has their own unique needs and budget. With products designed for teachers, driving ranges, club fitters, Pro Tour players and golf novices, Ernest Sports is proud to provide a full line of launch monitors to fit any golfer’s needs.


What Golfers are saying about Ernest Sports Launch Monitors


 Dr. Jorge L. Valdes

ES16 and Simulation Package


“Setting it up was extremely easy and quick, and the benefits we have seen in just 6 short weeks are amazing, better yet,extraordinary. In order to give my son the greatest chance to succeed we made the decision to purchase your system and we could not be more satisfied. Prior to purchasing the monitor he was shooting between 86-92 consistently, hardly ever hitting any greens in regulation. In less than 6 weeks he has now been shooting between 78-82 and hitting 60% of all greens in regulation.


When it rains he can practice, when it’s too hot to be at the range for hours he can be in our home hitting shots for

4-6 hours.”



Ben Crane

Winner of 2014 FedEx St. Jude Classic, 2011 The McGladrey Classic, 2010 Farmers Insurance Open, 2005 U.S. Bank Championship & 2003 BellSouth Classic.


The ES14 is my favorite launch monitor on the market. I enjoy using it on the practice range and on the golf course during the off season. The ES14 is easy to use, provides accurate data and helps me prepare to play against the best in the world.


Deb Vangellow

LPGA Master Professional

LPGA 2012 National Teacher Of The Year LPGA T&CP National President

Riverbend CC/Houston, Texas


The ES14 is PERFECT for me and my teaching programs!  This easy-to-use personal launch monitor is a simple and outstanding addition to the short list of quality technology I use in my instruction and equipment evaluations.  This unit tracks carry distance, launch angle, and smash factor, pairing seamlessly with my iPhone…so easy!  Thank You Ernest Sports for this affordable, accurate, and fun to use product that is a definite “must-have” for teachers and golfers alike, especially for those of us who are #OldSchoolSimple!


Ernest Sports Turn Key Simulation Package (TKSP)

The Ernest Sports Turn Key Simulation Package includes all you need to have simulation at your home, golf facility or business. Receive the most revolutionary technology in golf – the ES16 Tour launch monitor – along with hitting bay enclosure, premium hitting mat, HD projector, simulation-specific gaming computer and premium impact screen to complete your set-up. Ernest Sports has compiled high quality products that work together to give you the perfect get-away at a price you can afford.


Call Ernest Sports at 855-354-4653 for more information on the Turn Key Simulation Package.


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