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What is a launch monitor?

Why do I need an Ernest Sports launch monitor?

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Launch monitors match sensations with facts, allowing golfers to achieve their desired swing. This is done by delivering a variety of swing and ball flight data points. This information allows golfers to truly know their game – from club averages to landing angles – and be better prepared to make decisions on the course. Ernest Sports uses the latest radar and photometric technology to instantly provide measurements that help you develop a powerful, consistent swing. In addition, Ernest Sports launch monitors work in tandem with a free mobile app to record and save stats, view club averages and much more. Committed to providing an affordable solution to capturing accurate data, Ernest Sports launch monitors deliver instant feedback to increase the efficiency of your practice session to improve your game.







What Golfers are saying about Ernest Sports Launch Monitors


Ben Crane

Hey Ernest Sports, wanted you to know I’m talking up your ES14.  Anyone who is needing to improve some numbers and who says “launch monitor” I set them straight.  The ES14 is my favorite launch monitor on the market.  I enjoy using it on the practice range and on the golf course during the

off season.


The ES14 is easy to use – accurate data and helping me prepare to play against the best in

the world.


Deb Vangellow

LPGA Master Professional

LPGA 2012 National Teacher Of The Year

LPGA T&CP National President

Riverbend CC/Houston, Texas


The ES14 is PERFECT for me and my teaching programs!  This easy-to-use personal launch monitor is a simple and outstanding addition to the short list of quality technology I use in my instruction and equipment evaluations.  This unit tracks carry distance, launch angle, and smash factor, pairing seamlessly with my iPhone…so easy!  Thank You Ernest Sports for this affordable, accurate, and fun to use product that is a definite “must-have” for teachers and golfers alike, especially for those of us who are #OldSchoolSimple!


Ball Data

Carry Distance, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Ball Speed,

Landing Position, Lateral Deviation, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Skills Distance to the Pin, Skills Score, Lateral Landing, Apex Height,

Flight Time, Shot Dispersion, Verticle Decent Angle


Club Data

Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Angle of Attack, Spin Loft, Club Speed Profile,

Club Acceleration Profile, Face to Path, Face to Target, Club Path, Dynamic Loft


Full simulation

Game play with putting



For The First Time Quad Doppler Radar and Dual Photometric Cameras in One Launch Monitor


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