Club Test / Review


The Session Review screen provides the

fitter with a side-by-side comparison of the

shot data of up to six different club test.

On screen navigation allows the fitter to

save, edit, view graphs, or email the

session to the customer.


Club Fitting Graphs


From the Session Review screen, the fitter

can choose to graph one or all club test in

the session information. The Distance chart

provides a bar graph comparing each club

test in the session. The Ball Dispersion graph

can graph one or all club test simultaneously

to evaluate consistency. The Ball Flight graph demonstrates the flight patterns one club test

at a time.


Data. Side-by-side comparisons

Evaluate and compare



Unique low-cost club fitting system


The easy to use app combines the Ernest Sports ES12

with a full size iPad app. The easy-to-use app allows the

fitter to evaluate and compare different club test. By

helping the club fitter have more documented and

organized sessions, the app will save the fitter precious

time evaluating club test and then sharing those results

with the customer.


The Club Test screen is active while the customer test club. Shot data is sent via Bluetooth from the ES12 to the club fitting app.

For your iPad, search: ES14 Club Fit to pull up the appropriate app!

Infographics. Visualize data.

Finally! What everyone has been anticipating- the new

Clubfitting app for the ES14 Advanced Launch Monitor

available for your iPad on the Apple App Store.

Download and use in tandem with your ES14 Advanced Launch Monitor.


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